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      It's simple, if there isn't an appropriate board for your post, then you're more than welcome to post here in this board, it's great for discussions on various subjects outside of love. Please before posting as kindly note that trolling, spamming, or flaming isn't allowed on this forum.

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    • Dating Forum

      The Dating Forum is an open forum to discuss everything and anything relating to dating, whether you're an older person, single parent, gay or straight. This is a place to share dating tips, ideas and to generally discuss the subject of dating. This is a help forum, share your thoughts.
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    • Questions To Ask On A Date’ Forum To Help You Prepare Yourselves!

      There is nothing more awkward than a date that has no conversation and if you’ve been in this situation before then you will absolutely know what we mean by when we say that. It’s probably the worst experience, ever! The date will become very dull, silent and awkward. You both probably can’t wait for it to be over and done with. Therefore, this questions to ask on a date forum has been created to allow the members of Lets Chat Love discuss and share dating question tips, discussion topics, ideas and questions to ask on a date. This ensures that you’re fully prepared for your date and that you're ready to make a success of it. Having on-going conversation can spark chemistry, so you definitely do what some dating questions under your sleeves ready to not only sure the conversation flows but to also ensure that they have something to work with!

      The Type Of Dating Question Ideas You Can Find In This Forum

      This is the only place you’ll need to prepare yourself for your next date, expect to the find the following in this questions to ask on a date forum:  
      • Family and relationship dating questions;
      • Career aspirations and job questions;
      • Funny dating questions to make them laugh;
      • Favourite actor/actress and movie questions;
      • Holiday and travelling experiences:
      • Hobbies and interests outside of work;
      • Favourite TV shows;
      • Worst pickup lines / dates that they have ever been on!;
      • Favourite seasonal items of the year (christmas, winter, summer, etc);
      • Best friend and interest questions.
        Oh, we wouldn’t recommend asking about their ex on the first date .. that’s probably the one you want to avoid, for now! Enjoy!
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